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What Exactly Does It Take to Study in the U.S.?

As told by Muge Niu


Before vs After Studying in the U.S.

"I alternate between these two states of myself constantly." - Cecilia

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Are we basic enough?

The answer is ... in the video.


Things You Know If You Have A Foreign Roommate

Under one roof live two separate worlds.

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Chinese & American Internet Slangs: #Sexiled #约吗

Get the lingos in both Chinese and American pop culture, now.


Opinion: What to Make of the News about 8,000 Expelled Chinese Students?

It’s time to update our collective image of Chinese students.

Muge Niu | 牛牧歌 Content Director






Credit: The Oatmeal



(Credit: chalabala via Shutterstock)

Chinese Students’ Reaction to CNN Report on Cheating

We are not a nation of cheaters.

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