Based on YouTube, Channel C is an independent video project that aims to raise awareness for the exponential growth of Chinese student population in the United States and its impact on higher education and people-to-people exchange between the two countries. Channel C videos have utilized a hybridity of video formats including skits, interviews and talk shows that feature students and faculty from local universities and residents in the community.

The founders are Si “Cecilia” Miao, Muge “Isabelle” Niu and Fangdi Pan. The three studied as undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where they found a large degree of segregation between the Chinese student body and the rest of the campus. They started the YouTube channel to bring attention to the cultural differences, the core reasons behind the segregation and, most importantly, the invaluable sociocultural lessons that are lost due to the separation.

Ever since its first video, Channel C’s mission has proven to be impactful. Leveraging social media and online videos, Channel C empowers US-based Chinese students, expose inclusion and diversity problems in higher education today, host a conversation between Chinese students and American society. For past media coverage, please click here.

After waves of positive feedback from online viewers, friends and peers, educators and media from both China and America, Miao, Niu and Pan are determined to carry on this innovative and challenging project and take it to the next level. If you would like to get involved and find out how, please write to us!