Stephanie Sykes | Copy Editor

My job at Channel C
Responsible for editing, writing articles, and content development.
Hometown: Madison, WI
Current Location: Madison, WI
Current Job: Student and Literacy Specialist at Simpson Street Free Press
Education: Studied reporting and international relations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Languages: English and Spanish. I start German this spring!
Favorite international dish: Spanakopita, a savory Greek pastry
Passionate for travel, painting, teaching, and new languages
Guilty pleasure: Like any true Wisconsinite, I love cheese a little too much.
Favorite episode: “Why Chinese Students Don’t Party?!” – I think this is an important topic that should be discussed more on campuses – between all different groups of students!
Advices: Pursue your passions and the rest will follow.
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What does Channel C mean to you: Creating an important resource for cross-cultural understanding during a time when young people from all over the world and becoming more and more connected.