Cecilia Miao

Cecilia Miao | 缪思 Chief Producer

My job at Channel C
Responsible for coordinating and supporting content creation, public relations and marketing strategies and video production.
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Current Location: Madison, WI
Current Job: part-time student, full-time Channel C crew member
Education: Studied strategic communication and political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, Japanese
Favorite Chinese dish: Cantonese-style seafood
Passionate for technology, coffee, Zen, fitness
Guilty pleasure: Watching Anime on Youku (Chinese YouTube) and playing Forza on XBox.
Favorite episode: “No More Alison-Gold Type of Chinese Food” – I have been dreaming about that skit in my mind for months, and now it finally came true. But really though all bloopers are my favorite.
Advices: just try, try and try. Also never lose yourself.
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What does Channel C mean to you: Permanent friendships – without the strong bondings and trust between all of us, Channel C would not be possible. Fun – I do this as a hobby. I hope Channel C will always be a helpful resource for all humans who enjoy connecting with each other.