Muge Niu

Muge Niu | 牛牧歌 Content Director

My job at Channel C: Responsible for brainstorming episode topics, conducting interviews, background research, writing scripts and other pre-production work, editing C blog articles.
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Current Location: Beijing, China
Current jobs: I’m currently taking a gap year to work for Caixin English in Beijing, a financial news organization well recognized for its investigative reporting and journalistic integrity.
Education: Studied journalism and economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English
Favorite Chinese dish: Big Dish Chicken
Passionate for Cats! Journalism. Literature. Drama. Flâneuring. Creating through music and words. Breaking boundaries and combating stereotypes.
Guilty pleasure: Cheesecake. And I secretly love living the life of a retiree…practicing calligraphy, making tea and circling the garden.
Favorite episode: “Why Chinese students came to Madison” because everything started there! It was probably the most difficult episode to make because after that we knew we could do this and want to do this.
Advice for viewers For everything: think big, have fun.
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What does Channel C mean to you: Many things, inspiration, friendship and a proof that efforts can lead to change. Before founding Channel C with Cecilia and Pan, I had talked to many people about the issue of cultural integration and personally struggled with it. For me, Channel C is a great platform where we could really talk about it, repeatedly till others take it seriously. I learned so much from working with my wonderful teammates and the volunteers.