Fangdi Pan

Fangdi Pan | 潘芳迪 Creative Director

Brief job description: Exactly what you think it is
Hometown: Harbin China
Current Location: California
Current Job: FULL-time grad student
Education: Int’l Studies, Economics & East Asia Studies @ UW-Madison
Languages: Chinese, English
Favorite Chinese dish Scrambled tomatoes and eggs 番茄炒蛋
Passionate for wanderlust, exploring wilderness, studying languages,
Guilty pleasure: due to the terrible time management, Pan was not able to smell the flowers or spend any time with herself since grad school, although Pan always enjoys a cup of sugary coffee while watching documentaries in bed
Favorite episode: Love’em all
Advice for viewers: Tell us what you want to see in the next episode, if you can think of it, we can make it.
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What does Channel C mean to you:

I don’t even know where to start, but here’s my take:
Channel C experience was extremely meaningful and rewarding.
I get to work with two extremely bright young ladies. We read each other’s mind when we are brainstorming for Channel C. Also worth mentioning as one of the perks as the C-triplets you keep meeting and working with like-minded, creative people.
I started Channel C in senior year in college, many episodes were viewed and passed on to incoming students I was glad the content of Channel C was helpful

姓名 潘芳迪
职位 创意总监
工作介绍 设计Channel C Production里面出现的细节元素,编辑视频,以及团队拓展!
家乡 哈尔滨
现居 加州
现任 在读研究生
教育 威斯康星大学国际关系,经济以及东亚研究学士学位
语言 中英
最喜欢 学语言,背包走遍世界
还最喜欢 看纪录片
最喜欢哪集 心血所成,都喜欢呀
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