Ye Du

Ye Du | 杜叶 Marketing Director

Brief job description: Oversee social media strategy for news leverage and channel promotion
Hometown: Shandong, China
Current Location Madison, WI
Current Job: I work part time for customer service during Wisconsin Badger football’s home games
Education: Studying strategic communication and German at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Languages Chinese (Mandarin), English, German
Favorite Chinese dish Shandong cuisine
Passionate for learning a new language, Zumba, Chinese calligraphy & Taiji
Guilty pleasure: Wisconsin-made Babcock icecream and deep fired cheese curds
Favorite episode “Pretty Chinese Lady,” just, so true.
Advice for viewers
1. Be yourself.
2. Work hard, then you’ll get lucky.
3. And nope, being yourself does not excuse you from working hard.

What does Channel C mean to you: Friendship, passion and curiosity. Working with three bright young minds while having a ton of fun is just beyond amazing. As a new Channel C crew (and a veteran Channel C fan), I can’t wait to see where the next adventure will take us.

姓名 杜叶
职位 宣传主管
职责 负责C频道在中英文社交媒体网站上的推广和品牌宣传
家乡 山东省淄博市
现居 美国威斯康星州麦迪逊市
工作 全职大四学姐,在学校主场橄榄球赛上打零工
教育 威斯康星大学麦迪逊主校区新闻系,主修战略传播方向,辅修德语
语言 中文,英语,德语
喜欢的食物 鲁菜
感兴趣的事 学语言,Zumba,书法,太极
罪恶的享受 威州有名的高卡土产–冰淇淋和油炸奶酪
最喜欢的一期节目 “何为美女” (看几遍笑几遍)
给观众的建议 做自己。越努力,越幸运。

C频道对于你来说意味着什么 友情,热情和永不满足的好奇心。做让自己热血沸腾的事情是一种幸运,与志同道合的人一起共事是莫大的荣幸。我很享受和C频道的姑娘们一起奋斗的每一天。