Channel C Announcements and Deep Reflections

Just a casual status update.

Hey guys, sorry for being MIA for so long! To be honest, we

were surprised that It’s been more than a month until we are finally uploading new episodes again.

As some of you might know, this is because the entire Channel C team is in transition mode–while Cecilia and Ye are switching from college life to the real world, after 10 months of being a Beijing-based journalist, Muge is coming back to continue her graduate study at Columbia’s Journalism School. As if this situation alone is not messed up enough for our coordinations, there’s yet another time zone we need to work with–Kathmandu, Nepal. Yep, that’s where Pan is located for her 6-month internship with the UNODA

Wow that’s a lot. (Yeah, right?)

But the good news is: we are still here, and we are staying strong. Despite all the realistic challenges that we are battling each and every day, the Channel C team is determined to continue our journey with you, our most beloved viewers, to make more conversations, to write more blogs and, of course, to create more episodes that are inspired by you.

Let’s hear what Cecilia and Ye have to say:

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