Q: What does Channel C stand for?

A: Channel is just a video channel. C stands for many things, including, codeswitch, China, cultures, conversations and communication

Q: Why is this channel in English?

A: The videos and texts on this website are in English because we want to include as many non-Chinese speakers as possible into this conversation. If we had talked in Chinese, only Chinese students who shared the same pain points would be watching and communicating. We think a lot of what we talk about can educate the local community about global awareness. We would also like to hear feedback from any non-Chinese perspective, too!

Q: How and why did you start this project?

A: We (Cecilia, Muge, Pan) met in a conference about China at UW-Madison and found few non-Chinese faces, implying a lack of interest among students to know about China despite a wealth of China resources on campus. There isn’t an effective mechanism on campus working to help Chinese students integrate, and so we wanted to do something to provide information and help Chinese and non-Chinese to talk to each other.

Q: Why non-Chinese?

A: We often say “non-Chinese” here because we want to include both American and other international students.

Q: Is it just for Chinese students? Is it just based in UW-Madison?

A: Everything started from our experience as a Chinese student in Madison, Wisc. All of our stories so far have been based on Chinese students’ integration experience here in UW-Madison. But we are not going to limit ourselves from branching out to other communities! Codeswitching happens across all boundaries.