Let’s Talk! Chinese Students Start YouTube Talk Show to Discuss Campus Culture

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MADISON, Wis. – Channel C, a YouTube talk show focusing on Chinese students’ integration experience on campus, has gained hundreds of followers and well over 200,000 views in a few months. Since April this year, the video series started by Cecilia Miao, Fangdi Pan and Muge Niu has addressed the difficulties Chinese students have encountered in connecting with American students, as well as their feelings of being treated like “others.”

“Our friends and I had found many local students were immediately turned off when we introduced ourselves or spoke English with accents,” Miao said. “Many of us really want to interact with domestic students more, but some of us gave up due to all kinds of difficulties to understand each other and build sustaining friendships.”

The “C” of Channel C stands for cross-cultural conversation. The most popular video of Channel C is “Why Chinese Students Don’t Speak English,” which has got over 100,000 views on YouTube and more than five hundred comments from viewers all over the world.

“We want to tell people that we are from a very different background and are always in a process of learning about America as well as our own culture, but that shouldn’t be our disadvantage in making friends and living here,” Fangdi Pan, one of the three founders who just graduated from UW-Madison this May.

The rest of the campus ought to see this as a precious learning opportunity for all of our student population. The three young woman are truly inspiring in my mind.

Nicole Huang, Director of Wisconsin China Initiative, said to University Communications.

This fall, almost two thirds of the new international students arriving in Madison hailed from China, according to statistics from the Registrar’s Enrollment Report of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The large presence of Chinese students on campus along with the positive feedback for the videos has motivated the three to continue bringing the conversations to the table.

“Going to college here has taught me how to challenge status quo and voice my opinions,” Miao said. “A dialogue takes two to happen, and we are always happy to hear constructive feedback. So let’s start talking.”


About Channel C

Channel C is an independent student-run video project started by three Chinese students from UW-Madison. It takes the form of talk show, mixed with interviews with faculty and students, to discuss the integration experience of Chinese students at UW-Madison and provide a fresh perspective on American higher education. Channel C videos have generated thousands of views and hundreds of comments online, successfully bringing cross-cultural dialogues to the table for American and Chinese audiences.

For more information, please visit www.wischannelc.com or contact us.

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