Solo 1| Pan: Yet Another Cultural Shock

Goats and chickens on the streets. Culture shocked!?

Cultural shock doesn’t exist between China and US only. Pan, currently working as a development intern in Nepal, has experienced another kind of cultural shock. Let’s hear what she is talking about, and the background music is truly awesome and exotic.

By the way, C Solo is a new sub-channel under Channel C. Solo means each of us will show up on our own in a weekly vlog to talk about the new intercultural experiences we encounter in daily life. One reason that leads to our individual creations is the fact that we are in long-distance relationship! No kidding, we are across three different time zones and three cities.

Anyways, we don’t ever want to discontinue our videos and intercultural vlogging, so we hope you keep supporting us too. Peace out!

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  1. It’s possible to experience culture shock in your own country. For instance, I grew up near NYC, but my first job after college was in Wyoming. Much fewer people. Wide open spaces. Hot dry summers and brutally cold winters. And a very conservative outlook on life.

    After three months, I loved it! (Except the conservativism part.) I stayed for two years, and still miss the place.

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